A Vision for Falls City 2020

Visitors from miles around come to Falls City to enjoy a friendly and historic community that feels like the small towns of yesteryear with the amenities and excitement of a modern urban era. It’s the kind of place where you could celebrate Christmas every day of the year.

They walk the safe streets to shop and visit with honest, knowledgeable downtown merchants who stand behind their products and services. They revel in the quaint atmosphere of cobblestone streets highlighted by gathering places and outdoor dining opportunities tucked into pockets among the restored buildings. Canvas awnings, period streetlights and appropriate signage enhance the storefronts filled with local artisans. The only thing common about these businesses is their hours.

Travelers from a four-state area recognize Falls City as the place to go for a quality steak, fresh locally grown produce, a great cup of coffee or a glass of wine from one of many regional wineries. Regular events beckon visitors to the grounds of the historic courthouse or to one of many art galleries, museums or the public library. They know this is a town that appreciates and celebrates its blend of agricultural, artistic and railroad history. This is a shopping and activity destination.

Downtown is the face of a vibrant community, from its updated streetscape and infrastructure to the upper floor housing opportunities and unsurpassed dining and entertainment venues intermingled with shopping experiences. A highly successful downtown organization benefits from a large pool of volunteers who work with business owners and tourism officials to make Falls City a regional destination. Weekend lodging and entertainment packages attract visitors from urban areas all the way from Omaha to Kansas City. The shopping experience draws customers from a 50-mile radius and beyond.

Visitors and townsfolk alike know that you can get anywhere in downtown within a minute and a half. “Falls City Charm” comes through from the cobblestone streets and historic buildings to the displays of art and the calendar of events that truly evoke the rebirth of rural America. It’s thriving and friendly, relaxing and nostalgic, rewarding and inviting, artistic and homespun. It’s Downtown Falls City.