To become a Falls City Chamber Main Street Volunteer, please download and mail or email the form below.

Falls City Chamber Main Street Volunteer Form

Also below is our volunteer orientation packet and volunteer hour reporting form.

Main Street Volunteer Time Sheet form (2)

Falls City Chamber Main Street

Volunteer Orientation Packet

Welcome to Falls City Chamber Main Street!  We are very happy to have you as a volunteer to help YOUR community grow and prosper!  You will be helping YOUR downtown district thrive and help preserve the historical value of what is already here!  We are glad you are here!

The following information is for you to review.

Our Mission Statement

To enhance community identity, heritage, and pride thru revitalization, restoration, and business development in downtown Falls City, NE.


The main functions of Main Street are:

A)   Historic Preservation of our downtown assets

B)   Improve Commercial opportunities downtown

C)   Promote the Downtown District as the place to be, a premier shopping destination

D)   Develop community awareness of the Downtown District and Main Street Organization

E)   Encourage cooperation and leadership throughout the community

The main functions of the Chamber are:

A) Develop, encourage, promote and support the commercial, professional, industrial, agricultural, financial, general business and civic interests of the region and its citizens, and to all those who make use of our resources.
B) Extend and promote the present trade and commerce to foster, develop and support the industry of the region.

Emergency Procedures:   In the event of an emergency, you will dial 911 or the Falls City Police Department at 402-245-4422.

Hours of Operation:    Our normal business hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

If you need to speak with anyone in the office, these are the hours you need to come by the office. Our phone number is 402-245-4228, just ask for David Branch, Executive Director or leave him a message.


All information whether obtained as part of your volunteer position or just overheard in the office or by other conversations of the Board members or staff, is confidential.  All information whether verbal, written, electronic, or audio is confidential and sensitive in nature.  Disclosing, accessing, or permitting access to confidential information without proper authorization will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate dismissal.  All volunteers must review and complete the Confidentiality Agreement form included in this packet.

Communication Plan

Falls City Chamber Main Street has a specific Communications Plan for each way of communicating with the public.  Communications will come mainly from the Organization Committee/Chamber Board and be sent out through the Executive Director.  Volunteers with communications expertise may be utilized to help with communications with the community and all patrons and other volunteers.  All volunteer communications should be addressed directly to the Executive Director, David Branch.  The Volunteer will represent Falls City Chamber Main Street in a positive manner in all communications both verbal and written.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Illegal Drugs of any kind are not permitted on Falls City Chamber Main Street premises or at a any of its functions.  If any Volunteer is discovered to have or have used Illegal Drugs either on Falls City Chamber Main Street property or during a function they will be removed immediately from the list and escorted out.

Alcohol is not permitted by volunteers at any time they are working on Falls City Chamber Main Street premises or at any function.  However, periodically we do have mixers for Patron and Volunteer Appreciation and for those of legal age, alcoholic beverages may be served.

Harassment Policy

Any type of Harassment will not be tolerated while being a volunteer for Falls City Chamber Main Street.  This harassment can be verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, or in any other form.  If a volunteer harasses any other volunteer, employee, or member of the community, it is grounds for immediate termination from your position with us.

If you are the one being harassed or know someone who is, we urge you to come forward and talk with our Executive Director, David Branch, so the situation can be taken care of.  Thank you!

Volunteer Code of Conduct

  • Honor Confidentiality
  • Respect the mission and goals of Main Street
  • Respect the property of Main Street
  • Deal with conflict / difficulties in an appropriate manner
  • Do NOT accept gifts or money from anyone while volunteering at Main Street
  • Be Courteous, Friendly, and Cooperative
  • Smile and Have Fun!
  • Be willing to learn and take part in orientation and training sessions.
  • Be Flexible!
  • Follow through on commitments and advise the Executive Director if you are unable to work as scheduled.
  • Demonstrate respect for the direction and decisions of your supervisor
  • Treat co-workers, clients, and members of the public fairly and without discrimination
  • Have a genuine belief in Main Street’s mission and promote it in a positive way.

Volunteer Standard of Appearance

  • Dress appropriately for your duties
  • Hats and T-shirts with logos are not permitted
  • Clothes cannot be torn, frayed, dirty, or reveal any part of cleavage, midriff, tattoos, thong, or buttock.
  • You will be provided with a volunteer T-shirt to wear while volunteering for Main Street Falls City.

 Grievance Policy

  • In situations where differences arise between volunteers or between volunteers and staff it is advised to first try to resolve these differences amongst the parties involved.
  • If a third party is needed the Program Coordinator (Executive Director) is to be informed and involved.  Under no circumstances shall differences be made public or involve other members of the organization.
  • If the grievance is in regard to the Program Coordinator (Executive Director), an appeal may be made to the Executive Committee, Attn: President.